Yukata: Japan's Summer Special Attire!

Yukata is one of the traditional clothing in Japan that wears in the summer.

It has a shape similar to a kimono and is made mainly of thin cotton fabric, but there are fabrics mixed with hemp and silk.

Yukata is cheaper than kimono and it is easy to wear.

Therefore, it is popular among a wide range of ages ranging from children to elderly people.


History of Yukata

Originally Yukata wore to take off the moisture of the skin after taking it from the bath.

Yukata wearing a bathrobe.

Afterward, when public baths were spread, they use it as common cotton clothes.

Yukata was well breathable and was excellent in perspiration, so it was also established to wear at bedtime.

Therefore, it was considered rude to go out to places where many people gather in a yukata leave.

However, as in summer festivals and fireworks appreciation, the trend has come to the point that casual scenes after evening are good.

After that, Yukata will become established as a summer casual clothes.

Yukata Design

Yukata design has been devised to comfortably spend the hot summer of Japan.

The white yukata is made for daytime, and it is cool in summer even if you cut it in the house.

In the case of a yukata dyed in dark blue, I have been worn in the evening when many insects come out by using a dye that smells insects dislike.


Japanese Clothing Went to Western-style

After the Second World War, Japan has westernized its lifestyle with the development of industry.

For that reason, changes will also come about clothing.

The number of people wearing yukata as casual wear decreased.


Contemporary Yukata circumstances

Contemporary Japanese people do not usually wear yukata.

However, when summer festivals and fireworks festivals are held, you will be able to see various Yukata appearances.

Yukata is regarded as one of the stylish fashion.

Therefore, many kinds of designs for yukata become to be made.


Yukata robe and service

In summer, there are times when you are preparing benefits for people wearing Yukata in various places such as restaurants and theme parks.

Price discounts and special services may be available.

If you go to a theme park etc, you should go and check it.


Yukata manners and rules

In modern Japan, it has settled as a fashionable summer clothing, but there are also inappropriate places.

Unlike kimonos, wearing informal seats such as weddings and funerals is a violation of manner.


You can experience it

Infamous sightseeing spots such as Kyoto and Nara, you can rent yukata.

If you are a sightseeing spot you can find a kimono rental shop.

You may wear a kimono and experience summer in Japan.

If you visit Japan in the summer, it may be cheaper to purchase Yukata at department stores, don Quijote, etc.

The price of the yukata is sophisticated and one of the designs is expensive, but it is also possible to find simple things of around 3,000 yen.

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