School lunch in Japan

Lunch time is the time most awaited by pupils at school. Usually, lunch is provided at school during the whole compulsory education and everyone eat the same menu of the day. There’s no difference whether affordable or not about what they eat. Amount of the portion is only adjustable according to the appetite.

Do you rather feel uneasy for kids being fed same food regardless of the preference?
But experiences of sharing the same food will make them talk sweetly or bitterly whenever they meet again.


Being considered that lunch is one of the major meals of the day which shall not be neglected, menu is elaborately arranged by dietitians and carefully prepared by cookers.
It’s highly beneficial for parents being freed from preparing lunch for kids every day, assured that the kids are provided with well-balanced meal for decent monthly fee.


Menu of the month will be distributed in advance with nutrition information

One meal consists of several dishes. Main dish, either meat or fish, comes along with vegetable dish, and bread or rice are accomplished with dessert either fruit of sweets.
Every meal is accompanied by a cupful of milk in purpose of provision of calcium inevitable for children’s healthy growth.


Regional traditional dishes

Okinawa Kyusyu Mie



The recent move is to take advantage of this opportunity to input knowledge about local tradition and custom.

To restore and sustain the tradition which are easy to perish without efforts to pass to the future generations, traditional local dishes are encouraged to make part of the school lunch and the food which represents certain traditional event will make its appearance on the day.

To raise awareness of the local products, local vegetables and food are deliberately used, which further helps to increase consumption to support local farmers and industries in the end.

Meals are served and empty containers are returned by pupils themselves under the spirit of independence.



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