Japan School Uniform: Very important! Uniform design decides School Life

Uniform is common in kindergartens, junior high schools and high schools regardless private or public in Japan.
They are usually in the shade of dark colours and often come with the matching bag and hat.

Especially, the girl student's school uniform can be one of the issues to be taken into account when they make choice of school to go; girls like to enjoy nice uniform every day.
Therefore, schools take it into extra consideration when they designate the uniform because the number of applicants can fluctuate according to the style and design of the uniform!


Students mostly enjoy modification of the uniform

What exciting is to create difference within the limited room for the modification - without breaking the given rules regarding the uniform.
In some schools, those rules are practised rigorously by teachers in charge.


The biggest chance of making the modification is in the length of the skirt

During the 1980's, skirt length which almost sweeps the floor was considered cool. The trend totally reversed in 1990's; it rose as high as nearly uncover their undies.
I think it has come back to the modest knee high length by now.


The combination with other fashion items is also the key to create the fine look.
Socks, shoes, sweater, cardigan are all crucial elements in creating style.


After the graduation, the uniform becomes unnecessary

If it is still in good condition, it can be passed to the younger student whom you are acquainted.
Since uniform is made of quality material and well-tailored to last school years enough, they are quite costly. So it's good to have one spare given than having to buy new one more.


Old ritual

There is an old ritual to request the second button of the uniform jacket from the boy student you like.
By asking him, you are confessing him how you feel about him.
Hopefully, he might feel the same about you.

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