Japanese Beauty salon was amazing and left nothing to be desired

Beauty salon for women is not only the place for hair treatment but also a place to feel relaxed. Just within an hour or two what a salon can offer the customers is where competition for elaboration thrives.

Open the door and step into the salon, you will be cheerfully greeted by the staff.
Your bag and coat will be collected to store in the closet. Then you will be gently questioned your requests for the day.



Once you are lead to the seat set in front of the mirror, the hair stylist and the assistant will take care of you attentively. Take time to discuss for the best result.
When it is done, the project starts.


You will be taken to the shampoo basin.

Get the seat and your posture adjusted.

A cloth will be put over your face to cover fully; but don’t feel wary.

This is to protect your face and make-up from splashing water.


When you are back in front of the mirror, it’s time for you to relax.

You will be served with a drink of your choice and offered some magazines from which you can pick one or two to read while your hair is being done.
Of course, if you prefer chatting they are happy to hear you and develop the conversation to please you.



In fact, the magazines picked and carried to you by the staff can be a curious indication of how you were seen by the staff; the magazines were chosen according to what he or she thinks suitable to you judging from your appearance. You may like them or you may feel a bit upset – ‘the target of this magazine is too older than myself!’


Massage is included: This is Japanese Style

When the cut is done, you will be given nice massage from the staff.
Shoulders, upper arms towards the neck and head…you would like to close your eyes and sunk yourself in indulgence, until it comes to an end after a few minutes.


Final confirmation of your hair

You will be helped to check the hair style from every angle using a mirror held by the staff. You may give some additional instructions or close the deal.
Make payment. Take your bag and coat. You will be leaving being cast another gentle greetings.

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