Slippers: Please take off your shoes at home in Japan

There are, in this world, several countries that have a culture to take off the shoes at the house entrance. Japan is definitely one of them.

Japanese houses are made to separate strictly inside and outside.

When you open the entrance door, there is an open space where you take off your shoes. The house floor is set approx. 10cm up to knee high raised from the entrance to allow very little chance that dirt reaches to the floor. That makes your feet feel completely clean and smooth on the floor.

Even though, people wear slippers which are strictly for indoor use. The pairs will be also offered to the visitors.

These cushiony slippers keep your feet warm and confortable against the cold and hard floor, and protect your feet from any slight chance of getting dusty!


Getabako: Shoe box

The shoes once taken off are stored in the shoe box called ‘Getabako’ which is installed at every entrance space. By doing so, the space will not be occupied and will not look mess with a number of shoes.


The same system is applied in schools and some public spaces.

They have the same structure as Japanese house; students or visitors will have to take off the shoes at the open space.

There are huge lockers placed there into where you will keep your shoes until you want to go out next time.


Visitors will walk with slippers inside the building while students wear the light-weight slip-on shoes called ‘Uwabaki’ that allows them more activity.

By separating indoor and outdoor shoes completely, the floor of the house or building will be maintained clean thus minimize the cleaning task and the floor will be protected from wear.


Please watch your step

Don’t miss to take them off when you enter Japanese Tatami room. Even slippers are not allowed there, not to damage its delicate surface by walking with slippers.

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