Obento Lunch Box

Going out carrying home-made lunch filled in the lunch box is very common custom in Japan.
Meal put in lunch box is called ‘Obento’.

Obento box

The lunch box into where the meal is put is basically reusable. Those made of plastic are most common, as they are easy to care, otherwise those made of stainless steel also can be seen. Besides, there are many artisanal wooden or bamboo woven lunch boxes that are beautiful and delicate.
Those made of cardboard or thin plastic are also available as disposable ones.


What is in it?

The type of food to be packed in the box is no different from those laden on the regular dining tables.

Most commonly, starting from rice and several side dishes for appetizer and entrée, and finishing with some desserts. All are neatly set in a box or two, according to their sizes and the scale of appetite of the person who is going to eat it.

How neatly and beautifully you can arrange the food in the limited space of the box is where you show your skills. Many items are available to help it; usually, small foil cups are one of the essentials.

Each food is first put in the foil cups then arranged in the lunch box. So that the tastes of the food, set side by side, will not be mixed.

Some natural leaves such as ‘shiso’ basil and parsley, for example, are used also as divider as well as the eye-catching refreshment.

Usually, obento is wrapped with fabric napkins to bundle the box and chopsticks case together for easy-carrying and neat looking. When you eat, unfold the napkin and you will put the obento on it to eat so that you will not mess around.

Kyara ben?

This is the Character obento.
Of course the author is mother.Is it special day?
"no" daily obento.


The children will be very happy at lunch time.
They say. "Custom makes all things easy"



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