Juubako lunch box: It is Luxurious and large lacquered boxes used for special occasions.

Obento, a lunch neatly filled in a box to take away is well-known. It is usually a single box. However, when 2 to 5 boxes are piled up in multiple layers, and with a cover, it's called ‘Juubako' - means piled boxes.

A lunch filled in a Juubako must be special


Juubako usually carries meals for more than one person while Obento lunch box is usually for a portion for one person. Therefore, Juubako filled lunch is made to be shared, prepared chiefly for the celebratory opportunities such as cherry blossom viewing picnics and an annual family sports day called Undo-kai.
As seen in this way, Juubako is a very practical piece for the outdoors lunch for a multi-number of people. Juubako, when it is taken outdoors, is wrapped with Furoshiki cloths to fix the boxes and prevent from collapsing.

Juubako, most commonly is a set of three layers of the square boxes, though some could be round otherwise hexagon in shape. Made of wood, in the majority of cases, and often lacquered,


The feast of a new year also should come in Juubako

The top box is for hors d'oeuvre and the middle one is entrée, the bottom is for vegetable dishes. To arrange well in a limited space needs artistry.


Juubako is the special box

Since the use of Juubako is for special occasions, it must have an elaborated appearance. Some pieces are painted by notable artist centuries ago and seen in museums.


You can have a chance of experiencing the use of Juubako if you order Unajuu - ‘juu' for Juubako - at Japanese restaurants. It comes in a rectangle Juubako of single person's size, though unless the restaurant is one of premium names, it must be the one made of plastic.
Juubako of more affordable and easy-care plastic material is available too.

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