Do you know different types of sushi?

You probably know very well what is Sushi and how they are like. And probably think that’s all about Sushi. But Sushi ain't just what you might know!

Yes, the Sushi you know; those dainties formed with fingers are undoubtedly the most official and authentic.
Interestingly, they are hardly made at home despite its seemingly simple method to follow.

Instead, there are varieties of Sushi of homemade style; some of them are hardly seen even in the major Sushi restaurants.



Most popular sushi made at home shall be ’Chirashi-zushi’.
’Chirashi’ in Japanese means ’scatter’.

Sushi rice mixed with sweetened julienned carrot, sliced mushroom etc. is placed over the platter which will be covered with bright yellow thin strips of egg -- which is referred to golden silk threads -- upon which plump shrimps and scallops, and other sashimi as well as neatly cut carrot and green beans shall be ‘scattered’ as if they are blooming in the spring field.
This is one of the special dishes for celebratory occasions at home.
It's often served at sushi restaurants, so you may try if you are interested.



”Temaki” in Japanese means "Hand-rolled"
It is the best sushi for the party, you can taste both fun making and eating fun.


You pick the ingredients you like and put them on seaweed.
Let's not be greedy.

Let's roll the sushi in a conical shape.

If you prepare a variety of ingredients, you can make your own hand-rolled sushi.
Let's search for the best combination as far as your stomach allows.


Meanwhile, there are many localized Sushi only available there and hardly even heard of in other regions. Though the key ingredients of all are still the same: vinegarred rice, seafood and/or vegetable.
As sushi in its origin was a method of storing the food, some are tightly molded and fermented with lactic acid bacteria, or wrapped with leaves of bamboo or persimmon which are known for antiseptic effect.

If you wish to try them without traveling around, some of them will be available at the basement of the department stores.
Quality foods from the north to the south of the country are usually being showcased in such places. You will meet some there.

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