The way to longevity: The eating habits recommended in Japan

As Japanese national is always ranked in the top of the longevity list in the world, there are a number of teachings and trends recommended regarding the eating habit.

They are actually quite variable; what once largely supported could be obsolete after a few years.

There is one teaching commonly shared; ‘Eat 30 Ingredients a Day'

The policy is telling you to take 30 different items per day.
If you strive to achieve the target, your eating habit will be gradually changed before you know it.

You will pick a salad instead of French fries to pair with your hamburger. Add more veggies into your stew.
If you go for traditional Japanese diet which is known healthy, you may reach the goal easier.
You are allowed to use the supplement tablets as the last resort.

It explains that the point is not really 30 number of items to intake but to take various types of food.
The bottom line is, by doing so, it could reduce the chance of eating the same food which might accumulate the excess pollute or potential carcinogen coming from the same source.

There is also another tip which is easier to practice - ‘Take 5 Colours'

Typically, green from leafy vegetables, red from red veggies such as tomatoes, and yellow from the veggies like squashes and carrots, which provide different types of vitamins.
White is from rice and wheat i.e. carbohydrate.
And black from sea weeds and whole grains; the source of minerals. When all the 5 colours are seen on your plates, the meal is assured well-balanced.

Easy, isn't it?

The good thing about this method is it's easy to find what is missed and what shall be added to achieve the perfect balance.

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