Deliver milk to your house

We used to see a little wooden box with a flap lid hung at the house gate. They were to receive delivery of milk bottles. It was a regular sight at anywhere until some decades ago.

Such box can be still observed though with much less frequency and now it's made of plastic.
Earlier than 1970's, milk used to be a drink to be delivered to home not to buy from the supermarket.

Very early in the morning, milk packed in classical glass bottles are delivered by bicycle before -- now by car.


Because of the delicacy of the nature of the product, delivery had to be frequent

The service is upon contract; the delivery of the fixed number of the bottles comes on the fixed dates of the week. You may have ordered some bottles of yogurt as well to come along.

However, the number of the client had to drop drastically as people became able to buy the required number of bottles anytime they need. Now the custom seems outdated and comes into people's mind with a sense of nostalgia.


Yet milk delivery is still thriving

Currently, most of the customers are elders. Some of them have difficulties to go out or to carry heavy stuff like packages of milk.
Other people are waiting to communicate with the deliverer and enjoy the lasting relationship nurtured for years and decades since their parents and even further.
Some of them have built up the relationships more than just as a customer and agent but as old and close friends.


The selection of the products is also evolving.

They are specialised rather in higher-cost range and more health-conscious items such as nutrition enhanced and enriched drinks.

Free sample promotion is often held to acquire new customers.

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