Miso soup: The source of Japanese vitality

'Misoshiru' or miso soup has been quite known and familiar by now among Japanese food lovers. The traditional Japanese soup consists of ‘Dashi' broth and Miso paste into which vegetables and/or non-vegetarian ingredients are added as you prefer.



The broth used for Misoshiru is what used for any basic Japanese cuisine; made out of Katsuobushi bonito flakes, Kombu dried seaweed and/or Niboshi dried infant sardines.


You have a choice of Miso pastes to use

Miso is what makes difference in the flavour, taste and colour of the soup. You would like to pick the best Miso to match the additional ingredients.


Red miso (bean miso)

Red miso is characterized by astringency, rich umami, bitter bitterness.
Tofu is the best fit ingredient. Shellfish and eggplant are well matched.


White sweet miso

The sweet type of sweet potato is characterized by a refreshing sweetness.
Ingredients are a lightly flavored ingredient that will not spoil the sweetness.

● taro
● white groundfish surimi
● enoki mushroom
● shiitake mushroom


Salty rice miso(Light color)

This is characterized by a refreshing taste with a salty taste and umami in harmony.
For ingredients, sweet tasty onions, long onions, Bean sprouts, potatoes, and so on that harmonize salty are suitable.


Wheat Miso(Mugi miso)

Mugi miso has a unique fermented aroma and rich umami.
Therefore, the ingredients with strong individuality not to be defeated by miso match.

● chicken
● Vegetables (sweet potato, carrot, radish, onion)


The interest of Misoshiru is the diversity of ingredients it allows

Simple seasonal vegetables make a nice, comfort soup. It can also go with egg, seafood and shellfishes, and meat as well. Some regions have their characteristic combination and style of the soup under the signature names. So it would be a fun to seek and try local Misoshiru wherever you travel in Japan.


Misoshiru is the essential component of a Japanese meal

Seriously, it is almost a must-have. To prove that, you can go to the market and see how wide range of Misoshiru related items are available.
Some restaurants serve the refill of the soup with no additional cost; though such Misoshiru has to be a simple one.

Freeze-dried miso soup

Almost anything you find in your kitchen can work well and it's simple to make.
If you are lazy to use a cooking pot and knife to chop veggie, you could buy an instant Misoshiru that either packed or cupped which saves you from washing a cup. Just add freshly boiled water and they are ready to eat.

Misoshiru used to be an important source of protein which is from soybeans of Miso paste.


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