Japanese Home delivery is quick, reliable and convenient

I wonder if there are any major roads and streets in Japan that delivery trucks miss to run in a day.

There are several of major courier companies in Japan

With the rise of internet shopping and replacement of the classic mode of daily shopping by on-line, delivery trucks have to drive more and more.

Since users of the service can request the delivery time as close as every two hours, the truck has to run the same route multiple times a day to meet the time specified.

Actually, according to my experience, drivers are always on the run, and I don’t think I ever had any case that they delayed knocking at my door.


While convenience stores exist every here and there in the country, and all of those require deliveries of supplies several times in a single day, because the shelf life of the fresh food is nervously set too tight, you would not like to think of the impact on the environment happily.

Meanwhile, to take advantage of the truck’s frequent appearance in the area, they kindly do the patrol for the community at the same time they drive for their own business; they actually carry a signboard which reads ‘We are on the Patrol'.
Indication of watchful eyes is considered to restrain the chance of crimes.

When you have a parcel or a document envelope you want to send out, make a toll-free phone call to their service office and the driver will come to your door quite soon to collect it. Or you can just go yourself to the nearest convenience store. The staff is well-trained in the handling as an agent.


Options & Services

If you prefer, a notification option is available; the sender will be notified by mail when the delivery is completed.

Thanks to the availability of refrigerator and freezer truck service, you can enjoy fresh delicacies fresh that are shipped even from the tip of the country.

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