Veg stall in Japan: Low-priced and fresh vegetables

Vegetables used to be sold at veg shops and supermarkets after passing through multiple agents including agricultural cooperatives and whole sellers, hence many margins.

However, farmers now have more options to approach directly to consumers.
Direct-sale stalls and stores are everywhere now whether small or large.


Fresh harvest straight from the farm is brought in by farmers every day

Many of them have a message label indicating the individual farmer’s name even with a photo to declare ‘this is made by me’ with a pride.
You can also read the data and history of the production: the use and type of fertiliser and insecticide by scanning the attached barcode.

The price is more affordable than regular supermarkets but you would be rather fascinated by their freshness.


Products offered by farmers are not only fruits and vegetables

Miso Jam

If you go to the direct-sale shops, there are a lot of hand-made, home-made foods that used to be, perhaps in your mother’s or grandmother’s age, prepared at everyone’s home but not any longer can be found here. Unlike the ones made through mass production, they have a homey touch.


Meanwhile, small direct-sale stalls are lovely taking their own style

Usually, they are a tiny hutch set up aside of their farm or house, which is equipped only with a shelf to place the fresh veggies and a little box into which money should be thrown.
The hutch is attended by no one; if you leave money precisely or less, or not paying at all are not monitored. You are simply trusted with no condition. So don’t you want to honour their trust?!

Such small stalls do not seem to intend to make money out of you; their pricing is usually set to just a coin for a packet of extremely fresh vegetable. They would appreciate if you enjoy their well-cared-for veggies.

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