kotatsu: lazy human making machine

‘Kotatsu’ is one of the heating equipment widely used in Japanese homes. It is actually one of the symbolic items of Japanese winter homey scenes. The uniqueness of Kotatsu is its build.



The low table covered by duvet or comforter upon which the table top is placed. Underneath the table, heating source is attached so that it creates warm space within. To shut the cold arising from the floor, Kotatsu is usually set upon a carpet that fits the size of the Kotatsu.


You are not cold.

To enjoy the warmth, users simply put their legs inside the duvet. Their upper body is still in the cold air but no worries; as they won’t suffer much from the coldness — scientifically, you would not really feel cold as far as your legs are kept warm.

Kotatsu is very systematic because it works not only as a heating but also as a table.
Therefore it occupies less space in the room. Besides, during the warm seasons, just remove the duvet and Kotatsu will serve simply as a table.



Make communication

Since family members will gather around the Kotatsu to get themselves warmed, it naturally brings the opportunity for a family to get together and communicate each other.


Will it be lazy?

Kotatsu serves for everything a table could serve. People eat there, study there, and chat and watch TV there. Since it is very cozy, it often makes users lazy and drowsy, and allures them to sleep there!


A traditional type of kotatsu

For those who prefer to stretch their legs, there is another type of Kotatsu called Hori-Gotatsu: Kotatsu set over the recessed floor. It allows users to put their legs in the recessed space so that they can keep their legs stretched out. Though, you would only see Hori-Gotatsu in the traditional houses basically.

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