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Now that the environmental issues are one of the major topics to be discussed and handled globally. Each of us is encouraged to think what we can do to save the Mother Earth and take it into action - no time for cooling your heels.

So here is the reason why ‘Furoshiki’ has been given a re-evaluation and a movement to bring it back to life in this modern time is being evolved.


What is Furoshiki?

‘Furoshiki’ is nothing but a simple square fabric made of silk or cotton traditionally; used for wrapping purpose. You can now find in synthetic materials as well.
There’s no limit in its variety in colours and patterns. The size can be chosen according to the item you like to wrap.


The wrapping style really goes versatile


Not to mention square box, Furoshiki can wrap up even sphere-shaped, long items or bottles neatly. You can also form it like a carrying bag only by folding and knotting. If you prefer to make the wraps more decorative, there are ways to add ribbon-and-flower-like arrangement, which shall be lovely for gift wrapping.


All will be done with a single cloth of Furoshiki

No sellotape, no ribbons nor papers needed but it is washable and reusable. Undoubtedly, it is the best wrapping solution to support sustainability, isn't it?

After it serves for your purpose, it can be folded compactly and wisely stored in your bag.

‘FURO’ means bath and ‘SHIKI’ means something to place over the floor.
So the term is said to be derived from its original use to carry and cover the clothes while taking a bath and put on the clothes on it using it like a rug.
The use of fabric for wrapping can be observed as old as 8th century in Japan.

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