What is "Renrakumou”? It makes me think of a Chinese whispers

Every school classes or group of certain members would like to organise ‘Renrakumou’.

Renrakumou is a list on which the member’s name and contact details are written. With renrakumou, you won’t need to collect member’s contact by asking individually.

Especially, renrakumou made in schools has a purpose of emergency network

When school has got some notices that they want to spread to the students/guardians urgently is when the renrakumou will play its roll.

It is usually arranged in the tree-form network, starting from the teacher at the top then it comes down to the 2nd layers downwards.

The teacher passes a message to the 1st layers then the message shall be passed on to further layers.


There are some common rules

When you receive a call and receive the message, you have to pass that message to the next person. When the next one happened to be unavailable, you will skip him/her and pass the message to the other one, while you keep on calling until you get your next one and pass the message.

The very last person in the line shall call back to the top layer to report that the message had been successfully received by all members in line.

However, the time has changed.It is the era that information security does count

It is highly risky to distribute a list of bunch of personal data. Therefore, the recent version of the renrakumou is made to be absolutely minimal.

Only the details of the person in your line are disclosed and for the rest of the members are remain confidential. Even the names shown are the family name only so that the sex of the student cannot be revealed.

Although even this is rather outmoded. In more cases, e-mail list is replacing its position.

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