Mugicya is the most suitable drink for the summer

Probably, green tea is known as Japan’s most popular drink. However, ‘Mugicha’ is actually the most popular one during the summer seasons in Japan. Almost definitely, it will be found in everyone’s fridges.

So what is Mugicha?

Mugi-cha literally means ‘barley-tea’. To be qualified as the most popular drink, it is just simple to prepare; bring the water to boil then just add a cupful of whole roasted barley grains (mugi).

Here’s the clear brown tea is done!

Since it uses roasted barley, it’s caffeine-free. So it is a good drink for everyone from children to elders.

Commonly, it is drunk chilled, though some people like it hot. Its fresh and toasty flavor is ideal refreshment for the harsh heat of Japan’s summer.

Barley works to cool body heat. Further said it improves blood circulation and controls blood pressure, and many more effects.

Mugi-cha pack

For the people who are not willing to wait to boil and chill the tea, there are quick-brew sachets.

Only to add one sachet into the chilled water, in few minutes you can enjoy the almost-same flavorful mugicha. Since it is much loved as a summer drink, the sachet is usually sold in a big package so as to fulfill the everyday needs of a family. And each sachet usually makes 1 liter.

Responding to the needs from single or small families, there are powdered or concentrated products so that you can prepare the mugicha per glass, instead of a whole jar. And of course, bottled tea is many to be found in markets.

It is one of the casual types of tea but since it is a ‘signature summer drink’ it can be served even to your special guests without hesitation.

Glass or Ceramic?

Usually it is served in a glass, not in a ceramic cup, to look nice and cool for the eyes.

If you want to drink Mugi-cha

You can easily find it if you search it at convenience stores and the market.

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