Let's borrow books at the Library. Besides that it's free

If you want to take a walk or kill time and don’t want to spend money, library shall be the perfect destination; fully air-conditioned and full of books, magazines, CDs and DVDs from the latest to the classics.

Every local government has several of the well-stocked libraries per district.
You can visit there and just scan the latest materials at the site or if you prefer, you can borrow them for a specific period, most of the case for two weeks and extendable, as per stipulated at each facility, if you are resident of the district.

This system has contributed a lot to establish the sense of ‘no book no life’ among Japanese.

If you don’t find the one you wish to read, you can even make a request, so that the library would purchase that for you to lend, if the material you requested is considered worthwhile to serve the public as well.


Nowadays the system is even upgraded.

You can make a search the material you like to see or borrow via their internet site and make booking while you are at home. It benefits you very well because you don’t need to spend time for search but only to mention your name at the library counter, your order is ready to be collected. They can even deliver your order to other library of your convenience in the same district.


Even if you don't have money, it's okay

All of these services are offered for free of charge and provided equally to all residents wherever you are from, which of course we should be reminded that you only don’t see the exchange of cash in sight but it’s supported by the tax that residents have been paying.

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