Rainy season in Japan

Japan experiences the rainy season annually. It starts from late spring to early summer and often it falls day and night for days.
The actual timing will differ according to the region but it lasts for nearly a month and a half in any place of Japan.

For example, Okinawa, the most southern part of Japan, will be in rainy season from early May until June end. While in northern part of the mainland it will be from middle of June to end of July.

Hokkaido and some islands are exceptions; they have no rainy season.

Rainy season in Japan is called ‘Baiu’ or ‘Tsuyu’ which denotes ‘plum rain’. There are several hypotheses about the origin of the term but all remain uncertain, though plum will be in high season during the period.

Rainy season is the moldy season

The start of the rainy season is when the temperature starts increasing towards the summer. Higher temperature and humidity are ideal factors for mold to reach everywhere. So it could be also a high season for food poisoning!

Let's prepare for the rain


In abroad, you may sometimes see people walk without umbrellas. But it is hardly applicable to Japanese even for a short distance. Japanese are always well-equipped with compact foldable umbrellas ready in their bag, their offices or schools if they are not moving with their long umbrellas. Perhaps, it might be a good habit in the circumstance of the negativity of acid rain.

You can easily get an umbrella

Size: 60cm-70cm
price: about 400 - 700 yen

Cheap and handy umbrellas are available at every convenience store as soon as the rain starts falling. So actually no worries even if you missed to take one with you.

Official announcement of the start and end day of the rainy season is what Japanese are waiting to hear with a great attention; for readiness for the depressing season and the commencement of the long-awaited summer!

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